Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Burgundy Blazer

Let's be worry-free!  Choosing to be joyful and optimistic; doing my part; learning from mistakes; living in forgiveness and grace; recognizing my life is full of blessings; and learning to go with the flow.

I'm honestly loving the white fashion trend!  My white clothing gets stained so easily, but I'll have to be extra careful when I'm out ;-)  I have been trying to avoid purchasing white clothes for a while for that very reason but maybe I'll only purchase it for this season.  Because it was still quite cold today, I decided to wear my H&M blazer.  I like a pop of color with my white outfit anyways!

H&M Burgundy Blazer
GUESS White Jeans
WANDER Bracelet

Photos by Donny Fung

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