Wednesday, 25 September 2013

See You Next Year, Summer

 Summer always feels like the shortest season of the year.  It was a wonderful summer filled with new activities and fun experiences.  It was the first time for many things for me: learning to longboard, camping in the wilderness, going on a road trip to Portland, and  visiting Sechelt.  While kayaking in Sechelt, I actually saw a pack of orca whales about 100 meters away! You'd think I was blown away being so close to them but it was quite frightening.  Although the experience was amazing, I would still prefer to watch the orca whales on the shore where I'd feel less vulnerable :)

URBAN OUTFITTERS button down shirt
ENTI top
FOREVER 21 shorts
GUESS shoes
SECTOR 9 long board

Photos by kennylamphotography

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