Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Colorful Layers

I found this beautiful sweater hidden away in my mom's closet a few weeks ago.  You'd never guess what kind of treasures you might find there!  I decided to layer this over another bright colored top for an extra pop of color to my outfit.  I tried to keep the focus of my outfit on my upper body so I downplayed my lower half with simple black.

I wore this outfit while thrifting with my brother.   I didn't really have an idea what I wanted to thrift for but he's been telling me stories of all these amazing things he's been finding so I wanted to go along to find some hidden gems for myself :)

FOREVER 21 button-down plaid shirt
Cozy sweater
Chain necklace
Black leggings
DEXTER pumps

Photos by Donny Fung

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