Sunday, 6 January 2013

Faux Fur Vest

When I first saw this vest in the store, the color and the shape of the vest really caught my attention.  Originally, I wanted a slightly more casual faux fur vest but convinced myself to purchase it anyways.  My shopping rule of thumb I try to follow is to make purchases on items I am certain about.  That means if I have second thoughts about an item, I shouldn't be walking out of the store with it; otherwise I end up returning it.  

This was one of those rare occasions I happened to keep my purchase.  Even after I bought it, I still had doubts so I left it in my closet for weeks until it felt more convenient keeping the vest than to return it ;)

I finally took it out to wear for the first time today and I love how warm it feels :-D  I really like the cozy faux fur lining and the texture of the suede-like fabric.  It was a good decision to keep it after all:-) 

ARMANI EXCHANGE faux fur vest
GUESS jeans

Photos by Donny Fung

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